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Why Everyone Should Carry a Flashlight

Posted by admin - Monday, January 28th, 2013 at 7:32 am

Before we get into the tactical and self-defense uses of a flashlight, let’s discuss the reasons that a tactical flashlight belongs in your list of everyday carry items.

First, is around the home uses.  There have been many times I have had a power outage where the lack of light is an inconvenience for others, however not if you are carrying a tactical flashlight!  My personal everyday carry tactical flashlight is a Fenix LD20 or Fenix LD22, which are both small enough to forget they are in my pocket.  While others are still scrambling for candles you can whip it out without skipping a beat!

Beyond the emergency use in a power outage, everyday situations can call for a tactical flashlight.  Switching cables in the cramped space behind your computer tower or TV, looking for the cat in the crawlspace or looking under the hood of your car, all inconveniences if you are not prepared with a tactical flashlight.

To move onto the self-defense uses of a tactical flashlight, the first use is that of identifying a potential threat.  Next, the bright output of a tactical flashlight can be used to temporarily blind or disorient an attacker.  Finally, the use of a tactical flashlight as an improvised weapon cannot be ignored.  A large, multi D-cell flashlight such as the Fenix TK70 can be used as a blunt striking weapon, and smaller flashlights such as the Fenix LD22 can be used similar to a Kuboton.  However, unlike a kuboton which may be a classified as a weapon in some jurisdictions, a tactical flashlight is an everyday item that can be used as an improvised weapon, avoiding potential conflicts with laws disallowing the carrying of a weapon.