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Fenix LD22 tactical flashlight LED flashlight CREE flashlight

Fenix LD22

The Fenix LD22 is the new and improved version of the famous LD20

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Nitecore smilodon P25 tactical flashlight LED flashlight

Nitecore P25 Smilodon

Nitecore's new and long anticipated tactical flashlight for serious professionals

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4sevens foursevens maelstrom MM-X tactical flashlight gun flashlight

Foursevens Maelstrom

The long-regarded industry-standard tactical flashlight

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Welcome to Tactical Flashlight Specialists

Tactical Flashlight Specialists offers a wide selection of products to our customers in Canada and the USA who are searching for the best tactical flashlights on the market.

If you’re looking for compact, affordable, and bright tactical flashlights, then you’ve come to the right place.

We’re professionals who have used and continue to use only the best tactical flashlights in the world. We only sell flashlights that we have personally tested and re-tested to make sure they are the highest quality. If we don’t like it, then we don’t sell it or recommend it. Period.

You’ll find professional reviews and in-depth product overviews which lets you easily compare between different tactical flashlights and LED flashlights from the world’s leading brands, such as Foursevens, Nitecore, and Fenix Flashlight.

Our LED flashlights are easily navigated by manufacturer, battery type, or functionality such as: AA Flashlights, CR123A Flashlights, rechargeable flashlights or bright flashlights, for anyone who is looking for a specific type of flashlight.

Tactical Flashlight Specialists caters to professionals who work in the industry as law enforcement officers or military specialists, while also catering to amateurs and casual users who may be searching for bright flashlights to be used for camping, hiking, caving or other various outdoor activities.

Start using the best tactical flashlights in the world, that will last you and your family an entire lifetime.